Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome To My New Blog

This is an introduction post to the first science related blog I have ever attempted. I've been wanting to create a blog like this for a long time but I've never got around to making one. I hope that I'm able to create something that will add value to the internet as a whole. I know this is expecting a lot since there is so much competition with millions of websites on the web competing for every topic you can think of.

I will be doing posts about diseases that have been cured through scientific research as well as diseases that I believe are nearly cured. One of the main reasons I'm doing this blog is to have something I can use as a reference when doing my own research.

My second reason for starting this project is to have a place I can point links to when I come into contact with people that claim science has never cured anything. I meat people on social media all the time that says this but when I question them I often find they have little to no science background or science education.  Rather than just tell them they are wrong I'd like to have someplace I can send them.

The third and final reason I want to create this blog is that I want to start doing some science writing and I think that researching and writing blog posts is probably the best way for me to do that. Science is curing diseases all the time and I hope to have many posts on this blog that will prove that to you.